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 The East African Country Uganda may not be as lucky as Nigeria and some other African Countries are, in transition of Power.

 This is because there has not been any peaceful transition of Power in the Country since gaining Independence in 1962.

 In the words of an opposition Politician Hon Kizza Besigye who is a four times Presidential Candidate and is of the FORUM FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE, “every leader has “bombed” his way to Power and were equally “bombed” out of Power! 

 That scenario is set to play out again as Uganda prepared for a January 2021 Presidential election. 

 Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni who has spent 34years in Office, having come to Power in 1986, has refused to “STEP DOWN”.

 But One Presidential Candidate who is giving Museveni headache is a Pop Musical Star turned Politician, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, Popular called his stage name “Bobi Wine”.

“Bobi Wine” was in 2017 overwhelmingly elected a Member of Parliament, as he is very popular with young People.

 He was in 2018 charged alongside 32 others for treason, after asking President Yoweri Museveni to ” STEP DOWN”.

 “Bobi Wine” is now a Presidential Candidate to Challenge Museveni in the January 2021 elections.

 But he was on Wednesday 18th November 2020 in Luuka town, hundred miles away from the Capital City of Kampala, arrested during a Campaign rally.

 He was detained for two days before being arraigned on Friday 20th November,2020 at Iganda City Court on charges of inviting actions likely to spread the COVID-19.

 They accused him of holding a rally where more than 200 People were in attendance. 

 Thus breaking Ugandan COVID-19 Pandemic preventive laws. 

 Protests by his supporters, following his arrest led to the killing of at least, 37 People

 Police have also detained nearly 600 people in the unrest that followed “Bobi Wine” arrest.

 Videos emerged on Social Media Platforms showing Police Officers taking “Bobi Wine” into their Vehicle in Luuka town on Wednesday. 

 “Bobi Wine” Twitter latter said Police broke into his Vehicle and that he was “forcefully apprehended”.

 Same Twitter showed Videos of Police Officers smashing his Car Windscreen to get him! 

 “Bobi Wine” was also arrested earlier this Month after his Presidential Candidacy Nomination and detained during a raid on his Party’s Campaign headquarters.

” Bobi Wine” has called on longtime Presidentt Yoweri Museveni to “STEP DOWN” and not to run in the election .

 Both Presidential and Parliamentary elections will hold in January 2021.

 More than 17.6 Million Ugandan’s are set to cast their ballots at over 34,000 Polling Centers. 

 President Museveni who has refused to “STEP DOWN” will face 10 other Presidential Candidates in the upcoming elections, including “Bobi Wine”.

 Legislators Voted in 2017 to remove the age limit of 75years, thus paving the way for Yoweri Museveni to run again.

 “Bobi Wine” while addressing his supporters, shortly after his release on bail on Friday, ssid,; “We shall be free, or We shall die, while hoping to be free, We are not slaves”.


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