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So, schools have almost resumed and the adrenaline is rushing. Everyone is packing their bags and saying goodbye.

Some people are returning to meet their friends and escape the torture at home while some others are going to get a degree and pursue their careers and life goals.

No matter the category you fall into, I encourage you to take this seriously and read till the end.

  • Change your mindset.
    This is the year to get your priorities straight. What are you going to school for? Some people could care less because they may think they are already failing. No! What you think is failure should teach you the way not to do things.
    Change your mindset and believe you can achieve excellence this time around.
    If you’re just starting, don’t let graduates discourage you, telling you how they have been there and that school is scam.
    Don’t let the rush get to you. Always relax and do your best
    • Leave some things behind.
      Anything that will take up your time unnecessarily should be left at home. Your video games, your small TV, your pets, your expensive hair and clothing that would make you always want to go out and show off, please, leave them behind for now. If you have a side hustle, tune down and observe how this new beginning will affect you.
  1. Remember that time is short.
    This semester might be short due to the delay so far. You need to meet up with the lace at which lectures and assignments would be coming. You’ve rested enough, don’t give yourself unnecessary break.
    As you are going back, start working. There is no time, for now.
  2. Get those Resources.
    Make arrangements to get the textbooks and study materials you need ASAP.
    Don’t wait until you see exam timetable. Make that call, make those photocopies, carry your textbooks.
  3. Course outline
    Make sure you have the course outline ready. All for those who have it off you don’t.
    It will help direct your to cover what needs to be covered in a short time even if the lecturer doesn’t cover all.
  4. Accommodation
    If your previous accommodation didn’t favor your study routine, it’s time to change. If the hostel would make you study more and give you more access to amenities and infrastructure that a lodge wouldn’t give you, stay there. If you have a lodge that permits you to study and reduces the time you use to buy water, pay to charge your phone and lamp etc, then stay there.
  5. Go with face masks and a hand sanitizer and always use them. Pls, Covid is real. Stay safe.
  6. Go with God.
    I would advise you buy a hard copy Bible to study with. Make time for God daily, go with Him, put Him first and He will help you hand a good start this semester.

Live and Light.

CREDIT: Jumbo Kendra


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