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On Friday 13th November,2020, “gossips” emerged of the “Impeachment” of Rt Hon Dr Chiji Collins as Speaker of the IMO STATE ASSEMBLY! 

 The “gossips” remained unconfirmed till afternoon of same day when Pictures started flying in and out on Social Media Platforms of the Deputy Speaker of the IMO STATE ASSEMBLY Rt Hon Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu leading a certain Paul Emeziem of Onuimo State Constituency and his other Colleagues of the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC) extraction on an introductory visit to the Governor at Government House Owerri

 Which was to introduce Rt Hon Paul Emeziem as the “NEW SPEAKER” of the Assembly.

 It was then that it dawned on ndi-IMO that truly a palace COUP had Successfully taken place.

 And quietly executed without noises about it.

 Ironically Dr Chiji Collins who had earlier been “IMPEACHED” was at the Government House at the time of the visit and was forced to join his colleagues.

 Though he sat on the Executive side with Deputy Governor Prof Placid Njoku and SSG Chief Cosmos Iwu .

 Soon after the pictures emerged, fresh stories sprung up that the Member for Ohaji/Egbema State Constituency Hon Hercules Okoro has been”beaten up” and detained on the Orders of Gov Hope Uzodinma.


 It was hard to understand such sacrilege that an elected Public Office holder could be treated in such a disdain.

 Allegations and Counter-allegations of the Deputy Speaker Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu and Hercules Okoro shamelessly fought inside the Government House with the Governor “Watching”  SOARED.

 It was alleged that the Governor Hope Uzodimma Special ADVISER Special Duties Chinasa Nwaneri slapped Hercules Okoro and helped Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu in the “fight”.

 It was also alleged that Hercules Okoro drew out a “dagger” with which he wanted to stab Amara with.

 Hercules Okoro was said to have pounced on Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu to the ground and help came Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu way that in trying to escape from Hercules Okoro, endangered the Governor by harmfully brushing him.

 Brushing Gov Hope Uzodinma by Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu to escape may have been tactical to get at the Governor against Hercules.

 With danger in sight, Gov Hope Uzodinma ordered the immediate arrest and detention of Hercules Okoro. 

 Hercules Okoro was said to have dissented to the Impeachment of the Speaker and that formed the reason why they went ahead with the plot without involving him.

 Hercules Okoro only got to know of it at the Government as he was only invited thereafter to join them in visiting the Governor.

 And was shocked on arrival to hear that there is a “NEW SPEAKER”.

 He unsuccessfully tried to get information on what transpired and thus the “fight”.

 All efforts to get him released from detention the whole of that weekend proved abortive 

 Appeals by individuals, groups of Individuals and other notable leaders on Gov Hope Uzodinma to do the needful, all fell on deaf ears .

 Hercules Okoro was to be arraigned on Monday 16th November before a Magistrates Court in Owerri on an eight count charge, which he pleaded not guilty to all.

 That same Monday Gov Hope Uzodinma flew out of the State to Abuja where he has remained as the time of this report

 Hercules Okoro’s bail application was refused by the presiding Magistrate after the prosecuting Counsel opposed it.

 The People of Ohaji/Egbema refused to take it that their Worthy Son in whom they are well pleased was remanded in custody.

 Nerves frayed, they recalled a similar incident where scores of their Children,  whom were IMO STATE OIL PRODUCING AREAS DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (ISOPADEC) Staff were detained for asking for their unpaid areas of Salaries.

 That they kept quiet may have motivated the Governor Hope Uzodimma to think that “NOTHING WILL ALSO HAPPEN” by going further to detsin Hon Hercules Okoro.

 They argued that Gov Hope Uzodinma may have suddenly forgotten that they are “NIGER-DELTANS” and could have taken their peaceful disposition towards him for granted.

 Gbam, they trooped out in massive protests against the Gov Hope Uzodinma continued detention of their Son, raining all manner of abuses on the Governor.

 And issued a 24 hours Ultimatum to Gov Hope Uzodinma to either ensure the immediate and unconditional release of Hon Hercules Okoro or face their blowing up of all Oil Installations in the area!

 Speakers at the massive protests, Christian Ikeocha, Comrade Okoro Ifeanyi, Hon Ugochukwu Nwokoma, Duru Cosmos and Lady Maureen Ohamara, condemned what they described as modern day brazen dictatorship.

 Which they insist should be dealt with and wondered why Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu who fought with Hercules Okoro was not detained as well.

 Alas within that 24 hours, Hon Hercules Okoro freedom was restored him.

 The Same Deputy Speaker Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu who fought with Hercules Okoro who should be a STAR WITNESS in the suit was conspicuously absent from the Court.

 And to give himself a soft landing after Hercules Okoro’s release, he alongside the Speaker and few other Members organised a reconciliatory Reception for Hercules at Amara Chyna-Iwuanyanwu Owerri residence, which Pictures of the event has been flying up and down.

 Funny enough?


 It was as a result of the pressures and threats from the good People of Ohaji/Egbema that the IMO State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice Barr COC Akaolisa rushed to the Court to withdraw the Charges and pretentiously condemned the prosecution opposing the bail application and secured Hercules Okoro unconditional release from detention.

 For sure, Hon Hercules Okoro would still have been rotting in detention if his People had not acted fast. 

 That is the reason why all Public and Political Office holders must be good at all times to their People.

 Recall that Hon Hercules Okoro won election to the IMO STATE ASSEMBLY on the Platform of the ACTION ALLIANCE (AA) with 15,714 Votes to APGA’s 7,532, PDP 3,984 and APC 2,104.

 He defected to the ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC)  earlier this year after the Supreme Court Judgement of Tuesday January 14 2020 that brought in Senator Hope Uzodinma as IMO State Governor.


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