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The reason I am not quick to involve in any ‘friendship-gone-bad’ charade or scandal anywhere is because people are weird.
People are quick to announce when someone has hurt them but not when the same person helps them in any way.

You could help someone 9 times and the 1 time you are unable to help them they term you as ‘wicked, stingy, inconsiderate, arrogant or selfish’.
Some people go as far as tarnishing one’s image for this reason.

Sometimes, the person helping you doesn’t have it all, they may be fighting battles you’d never believe if they told you.
Some people help not because they have too much but because they know what it feels like not to have and so they help in any way they can.
It may not necessarily be giving material things. But someone who always listens to your challenges and encourages you may not always be there. They are human beings and also have their own problems to think about.

The problem is that the people on the receiving end never ask themselves “when last did I genuinely check up on this person?, Have I ever asked if they needed any help? Have I ever said no to their offers?”, Or have I just been taking and taking.

Some people only chat or call others when they need help and do so without any sympathy. They go straight to tabling their needs as if they deposited some resources prior to the contact.
The person you’re calling may be on the hospital bed fighting for their life and you don’t as much as ask “how are you, how is life, where are you?” At least to show some concern.
That someone has been nice to you doesn’t mean their life is perfect or that they have it all figured out. That they’ve done it once doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do it again.
Stop feeling entitled, no one owes you anything.
If someone is unable to help you, don’t be mad. You don’t know what they are passing through and they are certainly not making their money for you.
Sometimes offer to pay for food, offer to pay for the ride, buy them a bottle of water. It shows you care and not just with their contacts to bill them.
Stop billing your friends unnecessarily, yes, even on your birthday. Allow them to do what they can/want for you.
If you must ask for help, ask when you genuinely need help and be considerate too.
Don’t assume they have more than you, or they have no problems at the moment.

I hear people complain that their friends don’t reply their messages again. Maybe it is because every message from you comes with billing, asking, begging without genuinely caring how the other person is doing at all.

Pls, your friends don’t owe you money or anything. If they help you it is because they love you.
Pray for them and work hard so to can be the kind of friend to them that they are to you. Friendships are sweeter that way.


Kendra Jumbo


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