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I met an old classmate and I was almost blinded by her looks. She was so fair that I couldn’t help but shout ‘wow’..

“How have you been?”, I asked and she was really excited to see me as well.
I couldn’t help but ask her how she was able to achieve that radiant looking skin and clear her acne scars (she used to have a lot of acne scars back in the day).
That was when she told me about a skin product she was using.

At first she was trying to get rid of the scars on her face, then she thought it was a good idea to continue lightening her skin.

I asked for the name of the product she was using and of course the price was ridiculous.
I also noticed she couldn’t stand the sun cos her skin felt like it was burning.

I parted ways with her thinking to myself that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to glow up small oh.

Then I remembered the last time I tried using a scar fading product and my face looked like a burnt bread… Lol
No one told me to stop immediately.

Many of us can relate to this story as we see many people we used to know in the past currently bleaching their skin in the guise of glowing up.

Somehow, we may have felt the need to try it and have a more admirable skin and maybe stand out.

Whereas ignorance has led some people to bleach in the process of facial treatment, so many are led to do that due to inferiority complex.

A lot of people believe that their beauty is attached to their skin color, hairstyle, their outfit, or the way they look physically. They are willing to spend any amount and go to any length even apply substances to their bodies or undergo surgeries to achieve the “standard” look of beauty that the society has set for them.

I asked someone, “why are you using all these products that are bleaching your skin?”
They said it is for their skincare regimen to take care of their acne scars and make them glow up.
Sometimes, they try so many products and none works for them.

Your beauty is not based on how smooth your skin is. Some people naturally have clear skin and are not prone to acne.
You can’t expect to have the same skin when yours is very oily and prone to pimples.

You should do is wash your skin before and after bed, wash your pillow case frequently, stop picking your pimples, take enough water daily and take your fruits and vegetables consistently and you’ll notice a healthy skin.

You can have a bleached clear skin with clogged pores, and a melanin-deprived skin that exposes you to skin cancer when you don’t even shower well or eat healthy.
The goal is to have a healthy skin whether there are pimples on it, acne scars, or hyper pigmentation.
If you have bad skin issues, see a dermatologist and have your skin treated the right way.

Just because you have acne doesn’t mean your skin is bad. Acnes are natural.

Those ‘Natural’ Products are Scams!

You have the right to do anything you want to your skin, it is yours at the end of the day.
My skin isn’t perfect neither am I here to judge you.

But for the beautiful dark skin girl, don’t be intimidated into changing your skin colour for any reason.
Yes, I know that there are good products (even medically recommended ones) that may lighten you up a bit in the process of clearing acne scars.
There are also good products for washing, scrubbing and moisturizing the skin that are available everywhere for cleaning and maintaining a healthy skin.

Being light skin doesn’t make you look cute, you’re just insecure and you should be bleaching your mind of those demeaning thoughts you have about yourself and not your skin.

Your skin is beautiful, whether you are naturally black, brown, yellow, or red. You don’t need to look a certain way to be beautiful.

Focus on your abilities and develop a kind and loving spirit. Be confident in who God has made you and you will be able to sit among kings and not be intimidated because someone is fairer or taller than you.
God has created you wonderfully, and there is only one “YOU” on earth. Why do you want to end up looking like someone else?

Speak to yourself and always remind yourself that you don’t need to be yellow to look beautiful. If you’re worried about acne scars, go pay a fee to see a dermatologist. Go to a teaching hospital or a federal medical center to get professional help of you’re not sure where to go.
Stop destroying your skin. You’re only young now.
You might regret it as you grow older or have medical needs.

Again, I tell you, don’t base your beauty on outward looks. Else, you’ll keep running in circles trying to correct what isn’t wrong in your body.
These are false societal standards that change from time to time.

Tomorrow, another trend will start. For how long will you keep modifying your body to fit into changing beauty trends?

Again, you’re beautiful/handsome in your skin! Don’t let society lie to you!

CREDIT: Jumbo Kendra


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