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It’s probably too late to want to cover up your course outline right now..
But, here are some tips to help you remember and make the best out of the little time you have.

If you’ve been preparing before now, this will take your revision game up a notch.

  1. Flip out the assignments.
    This is time to revisit old assignments. Due to the rush and inability of covering some topics, some lecturers might want to set some questions that have been given in assignments before.
    Study them and make corrections if you didn’t get them right the first time.
  2. Limit social media presence.
    Unless you’re reading from online resources, you have to limit the number of hours you spend on social media for now.
    If you have meetings, or you have to reply business emails, plan it. Set time for your use of internet and don’t exceed that time. Also, avoid subscribing if you can’t avoid being online.
  3. Ask for possible AOCs.
    Some people in your class may have heard a lecturer mention possible areas of concentration. Some others may be able to figure out possible questions due to a lecturer’s method of teaching. Even if they aren’t accurate, at least it makes you assess your preparedness.
  4. Study groups.
    Have short study sessions where you ask and answer questions. This could be with a person or more, but the smaller the group, the better. Let each one ask the other questions randomly because this will help cover a lot of areas in a short time.
  5. Answer past questions.
    I’m sure by now you must have gathered past question papers. If you haven’t, you still have a little time to do that. Answer as much as you can and understand each course’s method of setting questions.
  6. Prepare your mind
    Prepare your mind for success. It could be tempting to tell yourself that you’re not ready and you could possibly fail.
    Well, failure begins in the mind. It makes you lazy to even want to try because you feel like you’ll fail anyway.
  7. Sleep well.
    Lack of sleep will not help you. It puts you under stress and messes up your body system. Instead of denying yourself sleep in order to have more time to study, why not try to create more time from other unnecessary activities? If you’d rather come home and waste a good 3 hours doing nothing waiting for the best time to study, why not use that time to study even if it isn’t your normal time of studying. You might as well just change that.
    Sleep well, you’ll do well.
  8. Pray.
    A lot of times we downplay the role of prayer in our academic lives, and this shouldn’t be so. Prayer strengthens us and prepares us to face challenges. It could be helping you stay encouraged, it could be making you remember things you’ve studied, but prayer does a lot for one.

I wish you success ahead. Stay strong and positive.
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CREDIT: Jumbo Kendra


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