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 The IMO State Local Government Administration Law of 2000 as Amended, that gave room for the establishment of the IMO STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ISIEC), provides that a Chairman and Members of the Commission should be Appointed by the Governor .
 However only non-Partisan)/ Unbiased Individuals should be so Appointed.
 Governor Hope Odidika Uzodinma shortly on assumption of Office, appointed a new Chairman and Members of the Commission. 
 Apart from the Chairman, other Members of the Commission are called Commissioners.
 One of those appointed by the Governor is the Obile Ohaji/Egbema LGA born Dr Henry ADIMELECHI.
 Unfortunately, Dr Henry ADIMELECHI has openly shown that he is too unfit to continue to function as a Commissioner of the IMO STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ISIEC).
 IMO STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ISIEC) that is saddled with the responsibility of conducting LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREAS Elections.
 Such an election to be conducted under the watch of  Dr Henry ADIMELECHI will be most disastrous, because he is biased already which is now in the Public domain .
 Recall that earlier this week, the INTERIM MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE (IMC) Chairman of Ohaji/Egbema LGA Prince Marcel Amadioha convened a “Stakeholders” meeting at the Council headquarters Mmahu.
 Shockingly Dr Henry ADIMELECHI not only attended the said “Stakeholders” Meeting but also personally moved a “MOTION FOR VOTE OF CONFIDENCE” on Governor Hope Uzodimma, “That was unanimously adopted”!
 Dr Henry ADIMELECHI in the same “Stakeholders” Meeting eulogized Rt Hon Goodluck Nana Opiah who is the Co-ordinator OIL and GAS in the State, for “Mass Employment” of the people of the area, which he said Hon Opiah facilitated by his appointment. 
 That the employment of Youths by the State Government was the reason for the prevalent calmness in the area!
 For the avoidance of doubt Dr Henry ADIMELECHI in his capacity as a Commissioner in the IMO STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ISIEC), should have no business with the “Stakeholders” Meeting! 
 He shouldn’t have at all come within a hundred meter radius to the venue of such Meeting, not to talk of participating.
 He should strive at all times to carry himself in such a manner that should not be seen as being based.
 By personally moving the motion for Vote of Confidence on Governor Hope Uzodimma and eulogizing Rt Hon Goodluck Nana Opiah, both of whom are card carrying members of the ruling ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS (APC), not only speaks volumes but a further confirmation of his partisan posture and open bias!
 Which should not be for any reasons whatsoever.
 Dr Henry ADIMELECHI should as a matter of Urgent State Importance, recuse himself from his Membership of the board of the IMO STATE INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (ISIEC) 
 Because his continued stay in the ISIEC Projects that no CREDIBLE ELECTION would ever be conducted under him.
 He has embarrassed the Commission.
 And should save the Commission from further embarassments.
 The earlier he recuse himself, the best for him and the Commission in particular and the State in general.


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