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I wasn’t quite sure what to do with my time every time school resumed cos exams seemed so far away.
But I later realized that once I get to school, I should mean business.

This is the problem with so many people. We return to school and think we have so much time and then we begin to waste precious time visiting, traveling, missing classes, sleeping and looking for fun things to do in and around school.

Schools around the country have resumed and most students have traveled back to their respective schools.

Here are some things you can do once you arrive school to make the most of your semester.

  1. Analyze your circle.
    What friends do you have around you? They can make or mar you in school. If you’ve been in school before now, think about the friends you’ve had in the past if they’ve helped you or distracted you from school work.
    ‘Friend’ is a big word and not everyone can be your friend. Yes, you may know many people in school, but you should carefully choose whom you constantly hang around or study with.
  2. Start buying/renting textbooks and resources.
    This is time to buy the necessary textbooks you need or borrow from the library before other people take them and they get out of stock. Also, buy the resources you need for school.
  3. Plan your day.
    I’ll suggest investing in a planner, but if you can’t, get a small notebook where you’ll write things you have to do everyday. Don’t entertain activities you didn’t plan for except it is absolutely necessary. Also, keep that planner where it can be seen.
  4. Start studying.
    This should be obvious because that is your primary reason for being in school, except you have another reason. Don’t wait until exam time table is published. Make it a daily business as this helps retain information in long term memory.
  5. Have a study time table.
    Draft a time table for yourself. It helps remind you that you should study every day. It reminds you of your daily goals, rather than having none which can easily make you forget you have to study.
  6. Attend lectures early.
    This might sound cliché, but it helps you in the long run. You understand better and you get to learn a lecturer’s method of teaching and what they may require in an exam.
  7. Utilize school resources.
    The library is for you, use it. Your lecturers are paid, meet them for further explanation of what you don’t understand (but be careful), the books in the library are for you, borrow them or use them in the library. If your department has one, use it as well. Tender complaints when and where necessary.
  8. Learn to ask questions during lectures.
    This is very important. Teachers love interactive students. Don’t overdo this or start asking unnecessary questions.
  9. Find time to relax and sleep well.
    Rest is important for any human being in any walk of life. Don’t start putting yourself under unnecessary pressure or stress.
    After the day’s labor, find time to relax, sleep and get ready for the next day.
    You can give yourself treats if you like and just have good fun.
  10. Don’t neglect your maker.
    As you attend lectures, make God a priority. My fellowship was my family in school. I loved going for choir rehearsals and helping out in church service and outreach.
    After doing all these, pls, don’t relax and tell God you’ve done your part and you refuse to study. You’ll fail.
    Instead ask God to give you retentive memory and zeal to study. He will help you.
    Talk to him daily and spend time on His Word. Go with him as you go through your day and you’ll notice a difference in your life

Remember, you’re not in school just for the grades, you have to build your character and grow as a human being.

Have a good school year and I hope your dreams come true.

CREDIT: Jumbo Kendra


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