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Who shall thee be compared to?

As I rest in the breast of death,findeth me not….
The graveyard our paradise beguiled into the world of heavens….
As the river parts and meet at the sea,so we are…
So I call upon death again our home,our paradise
Searching for lost souls ,tell of the goodness of death.

Oh death shall I compare thee with the hearts of men
If you are my final home, let me rest there
If you are richer in goodness oh death ,my wealth is assured.

So I sail in a boat on the sea of death sailing, sailing, sailing, sailing….
To find which heavens can’t offer, I rejoice for I have found pleasure in death.
Oh DEATH.. who shall I compare thee with.

Sailed down to heavens,missioned to rescue heavens made.
Oh come,oh come
Heed the gospel of death,I bring to you wealth.
So as death was,was the riches of his goodness.
Sailed on the polluted seas of heaven, roaring sea, tumbling storm.

I pray thee oh death rescue me from the hands of heavens.
Death I call on you, take up on your heels .
For the seas of heaven rages with anger, and the mouth of the sea billows ready to take out life out of me

I call once again
Oh death , come to my rescue
I feared, left to drown in the blood of heavens sea,left to toil aimlessly,
Faith lost…..

Then came a ray shines forth into my eye, hope at last I said, coming forth from heaven, hope, a saviour .

From this day ,I curse you death …
U shall never see hope, I curse u for u are like mere men , deceitful heart,cruel as man
I curse you DEATH.

Credit: Favour Nnennaya Koke


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