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The Abducted ABSU Students Are Being Held Hostage In A Military Barack At Lokpa, In Abia – Nnamdi Kanu Reveals

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We’re going to go into Lokpa to go and search the place. That’s where they’re holding them. They’re holding them in the military Barack inside Lokpa. If they do anything to them, we’re also going to exacerbate the land . We’re going to use detection equipment, Anywhere they soil is disturbed, we know that they have buried them in there.” kanu said

Nnamdi Kanu

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and the Commander-in-chief of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Friday morning, April 7, has ordered the entire ESN Command to ensure the immediate rescue of the abducted students of Abia State University, ABSU, in Uturu.

JournalReporters had earlier reported the abduction of yet-to-be ascertained number of ABSU students who were reportedly kidnapped by suspected Fulani bandits on Wednesday night.

The Commissioner for Information in the state, John Kalu, confirmed the development in a statement on Thursday, saying that two of the students escaped from the clutches of the hoodlums while others were still being held hostage by the criminals.

“Abia State Government is currently monitoring an incident that happened in Okigwe, Imo State, yesterday which led to the suspected abduction of yet to be determined number of students of the Abia State University, Uturu, who apparently ran into a yet to be identified gang of hoodlums operating along the Okigwe-Uturu Road.

“Preliminary information available to us indicates that the students were moving in a mini van from Okigwe to Uturu between 7pm – 8pm when they ran into the armed gang who marched them into the nearby forest along with other yet to be identified travelers.” John Kalu said

But speaking in a radio Biafra broadcast on Friday morning, the IPOB Leader asserted that the security intel at his disposal reveals that those behind the kidnap were Fulani people in the Nigeria Army and Police, whom he asserted are “terrorists in uniform”.

He said that ESN has neutralized Miyetti Allah Fulani terrorists herdsmen operating in the Eastern region and so it couldn’t be Fulani bandits as was been disseminated by news outlets

“They have gone to Abia State University in Uturu, they have kidnapped some students. I want to make it very clear that those that kidnapped the students are not Fulani terrorists, not the bandits we are all accustomed with;

“They (students) were kidnapped by Fulani soldiers and police people near Lokpa, that is where they are. That is where they are keeping these students, inside Lokpa military baracks” kanu said

Nnamdi Kanu further blamed and accused a former Abia State governor and the incumbent Chief Whip of the Senate, Orji Uzor Kalu as being responsible of the anomalies happening in Abia state. 

He said Orji, during his administration, gave huge acres of land to the Fulani at Lokpa for free, and the students are being held hostage in a military Barack in Lokpa.

“I blame Orji Uzor Kalu, OUK. The kidnap of these children I am laying it squarely on the doorstep of OUK, that efulefu, that boyfriend to Fulani men. 

“OUK is responsible for what is happening today. He is the one that gave land to Fulani terrorists in Lokpa. He is the one that makes sure they establish military baracks to guard those fulani terrorist in Lokpa. They’re the one that kidnapped our people.

“And I’m making it clear to ESN all over Biafra land that we are going to comb all the forests surrounding Abia State University. We’re going to comb it and I’m insisting because our intel is telling us that those they kidnapped yesterday, they are holding them in military baracks near Lokpa that’s where they are.

“They are in the Fulani camp along the expressway after Umunneoji, if you’re heading to Enugu. That’s where they are holding them. That’s where all the males will have their penises cut off to be sent to China as a delicacy; that’s where they’re holding our women that they are going to marry off to Boko Haram terrorists and ISIS in West Africa; that’s where those students are being kept

“People that kidnapped them, I don’t want Nigeria newspapers, those z**logical Journalists to be writing junk. I am telling you categorically this morning it was not the fulani terrorists that carried out this attack, there are no foreign terrorists in Biafra land. We have neutralized them. There is no longer Miyetti Allah terrorising people, those who are doing this now are Fulani people in Army and Police uniform and that’s why you must stop them.

“The Fulani people in Nigeria Army and Police, they are the ones abducting, Killing our people and we must confront them. That is why everything that Hope Uzodimma is doing, that Sarkin Fulani in Imo State must be checkmated; that’s why anywhere we see them, we must confront them. 

“If you do not confront them, you give them time to go and be kidnapping students as they have done yesterday with Abia students. We must be very very vigilant, we must be very careful.

“The time has come for us to exert our independent in the z**, the time has come for us to say to our enemies ‘we cannot be cowed ‘, the time has come for us to let the Fulani caliphate understand that Biafra land cannot be taken over.

Those doing the kidnapping, those doing arm robberings now that we have neutralized Miyetti Allah terrorists are Fulani people in Nigeria Army. And that’s why it did not come to me as a surprise nor a shock when I heard that students were kidnapped. Never at a shock to me

“That is the consequence of very poor leadership. Those that you call your governors this is what they have brought to our land. Instead of them to rise up and support ESN security network, they went about creating all these mushroom, irredentist, toothless whatever the useless vigilante that they have to allow the Fulani Army to come in to kidnap.

“These are Fulani people in the Nigeria Army and Police. These are not your typical Fulani janjawed from Mali, or from Niger Republic; it is the work of the Nigerian Army. Their barack is very close to Lokpa. They’re the ones providing them with cover. That is the terrorist headquarter you have in our land. 

“The Fulani settlement in Lokpa is the place that OUK gave to his Fulani boyfriends to go and house their terorists in our land.

“I’m holding OUK responsible for what is happening. If any of them should die, OUK will bear the consequences and I’m directing the entire Command of ESN to ensure that no vehicle will leave our land through Enugu-Igweocha expressway that they are not going to go anywhere. 

“I am asking them this morning to go into the bushes and into the forests surrounding Abia State University in Uturu, to make sure that those people are  rescued. It is a direct order, it is a Command to the entire Eastern Security Network , ESN, architecture on the ground in Biafra land to make sure that these students are found, and found immediately.

“We’re going to go into Lokpa to go and search the place. That’s where they’re holding them. They’re holding them in the military Barack inside Lokpa. If they do anything to them, we’re also going to exacerbate the land . We’re going to use detection equipment, Anywhere they soil is disturbed, we know that they have bury them in there. 

“We’re going to mount a rigorous, consistent around the clock vigilance at Lokpa, that is where these things are happening from and our people must understand this; Those involved now in kidnapping, those involved now in extorting, those involved in armed robbering are Fulani people in Army uniform; they’re Fulani people in Police uniform. That’s why we must not allow the Army to leave their Barack anymore so we can engage them (and rescue those students)

“If you allow the Army or Police to move about freely in Biafra land, they’ll kill, they’ll pillage, they’ll kidnap, they’ll rape and they’ll slaughter our people

“I am praying for the safe return of these very students abducted from ABSU. We’re praying for their safe return. We’re not just going to lament as some people in ohaneze Ndi oshi na aturu is doing. 

“We’re going to find them or else there’ll be no movement of any vehicle in, around that very area. There’ll be no vehicle coming into Okigwe, there’ll be no vehicle leaving Okigwe, there’ll be none coming into Isiukwuato, there’ll be none leaving, there’ll be none coming into Lokpa, there’ll none leaving until find these students and immediately we must find them


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