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While in school, I always saw people going to class at night to study till day break and I would feel intimidated.
Well, who didn’t feel this way?

Especially when you’re trying to chill in your room and your roommate starts studying and you start asking yourself if you’re wasting your time or if you’re a serious student at all.

This made me begin to consider night class. I went for some time and I realized that some people just go there to sleep while other were actually studying.
Sometimes, it would even become rowdy and noisy.

In my first year in University, I was really trying to figure things out. I didn’t have a study routine, I didn’t know who to go to for help and I was trying to navigate the school environment as well.

After my first year, I had understood a lot about school life and I decided that night class was not for me.
I am the type of person that assimilates better when I study at midnight and I figured I didn’t need to attend night classes to do that. I only needed to sleep early (around 8pm) so I could wake up by 1am to study.
So, while the hostel was rowdy, I would be sleeping and when everyone had slept, I would wake up and start studying. I did this until I graduated.

Also, I didn’t bother studying in the afternoons because everyone was studying or go to the library because everyone was going there (I don’t like studying in very quiet places as I love a bit of natural noise here and there).

I knew people in school who would play video games, go out, engage in other extra-curricular activities and still made good grades. Well, I had a very strict routine and I could not afford a lot of distractions.
Everyone is different.

What am I trying to say?

Hyperactivity does not mean you’re getting things done.
If life was by tedious and nerve-wracking works, truck pushers would be millionaires.

To win, you have to be strategic and know what works for you. Don’t do it because others are doing it and don’t be tempted to follow suit because others seem to be progressing..
Speed does not necessarily equate direction.

Some people can be heading to the wrong palace very fast and you’d think you’re missing out.

In life, no two person’s stories will be the exact same. Our lives and experiences will differ and so will our paths to success.
Learn to mind your own business and if you must emulate or learn from someone else, test the waters first.
Experiment with it and see if it will work for you before you dive neck-deep.

Don’t let people’s judgement of your choices make you feel inferior. Some people will not understand where you’re headed until the outcome is revealed. As long as you’re doing the right thing and it is working for you, don’t let other people’s achievements intimidate you.
Have a plan, invest in yourself and position yourself where opportunities will locate you. You don’t need to kill yourself to get ahead. Doing little things in very significant ways will take you really far in life. You just need to figure out what you’re good at and harness it well.

Social media has made it seem like the grass is always greener on the other side.
Na lie!
You are doing better than most people you’re envying.
You just aren’t posting so much.

Generally, no one wants to be seen as a failure, so people will do, steal, cheat, borrow, lie, pretend and do anything to look successful.
Don’t copy them.

Learn what works for you and whether you are crawling, walking, running, or flying, by the Grace of God you will go far in life.

Stay on your lane cos that is where God has created you to be.

I hope this helps ease the tension you’re feeling today.
Take it easy on yourself, you’re doing amazing!

Credit: Jumbo Kendra


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