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Dear woman,
Take a look at yourself from head to toes.
Is your VAGINA the only thing you can brag about in a relationship/marriage?

Look in the mirror, before that organ, there is your brain. It was placed at the topmost for a reason. If your sexual organ was the most important it would have been placed on your forehead. But no!
Your brain should be used for reasoning, creativity and knowledge first of all.

Then, there is the hand. For working and making your own money.
There are the eyes and ears, for communicating and making your place known in the society.

Your sexual organ should never be a means of bragging, every woman has it, even mad women.
So, what sets you apart from other women? There had to be something that makes each of us unique and it is up to you to discover that special ability you have and use it to find your feet on this earth.

No man will respect you just because the prize tag on your V is high or because you use expensive fragrances there – which shouldn’t even be.

Take away sex, what will a man benefit from meeting you?
Can you hold holy conversations? Can you bring up business ideas, can you invest? Can you hold a conversation? Are you mature? Can you handle arguments? Are you emotionally independent?

Stop objectifying yourself by placing yourself as a commodity that can be bought with money. You’re much more than your sexual organ.
Stop using it to deceive, earn, and blackmailing people.

Why do two people have sex and one person is supposed to pay for it?
Did the two people not enjoy it?

Why are we women messing up ourselves this way?
No man will respect a woman who is only there to offer him sex. He can always get it elsewhere.

If you have men in your life who see you this way, shun them and run away. Even if you gave them that opportunity in the first place, you can always change and grow.

You’re too talented to be trading your sexual organ for money.
There is no dignity in that.
You think marriage will change you? No.

You have a brain, use it and be innovative.
If school works for you, focus on that and get a career. If business works for you, focus on that and use your social media wisely to create awareness. You can do better than your doing.
Both men and women are meant to work hard and earn money independently.

Go to God today and ask for forgiveness and resolve to value yourself more cos God didn’t die on the cross for you to think you’re incapable of being useful.
The man you’re exchanging your V for his money, if you worked hard enough you could compete with him or even surpass him.

Or don’t you understand the grace you carry?
No one will respect you if you don’t respect yourself.

Learn to close your legs and open your ears for opportunities that you can invest your time and talent in.
Learn a skill with your hands and brain and not sexual skills that will end up making you detest yourself in the end.

For how long will you continue to be a commodity?
You’ll definitely grow old and what you planted now is what you’ll harvest then.

Love and Light.

CREDIT: Jumbo Kendra


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